Frequently Asked Questions

Can you represent me if I get audited by the CRA?
Yes, we can provide you all the necessary assistance in case of the CRA audit.

We encourage all our clients to participate in Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service which is insurance that covers all the professional fees incurred as a result of audit activity. Based on our experience so far, Audit Shield is a cost-effective protection and assistance against the costs that might occur should the CRA or other revenue authority conduct an audit, enquiry, investigation or review.

To learn more about the Audit Shield Fee Waiver Service and fees, please contact us.
What are the tax instalments and how do I pay those?
Installments are periodic income tax payments that you may have to pay on certain dates throughout the year rather than paying a lump sum on the filing date. The CRA may notify individuals or businesses as to what their installment obligations are for the upcoming fiscal year. Contact your practitioner if you have any questions about your installment payments.
How do I pay monies owed to the CRA?
CRA offers several options of making a payment. Please visit this website to determine which option is most suitable for you and find detailed payment instructions. We cannot process payments on behalf of the CRA.
How can I access my CRA tax information?
In order to view and manage your personal tax affairs online (such as tracking your refunds, viewing or changing your returns, checking your benefit payments or RRSP limit), you can directly access your CRA account.

Step-by-step instructions on how to register for CRA’s My Account can be found here and more information about My Account as well as list of services provided can be found here.

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