Initial Public Offerings

Debt and equity offerings in the open market come with a multitude of challenges, including:

  • Requiring a short timeline for completion
  • Need to have financial statements in conformance with IFRS
  • Straight-forward and complete support package for the auditors to leverage
  • Seamless interaction with securities lawyers and underwriters
  • In-depth knowledge of filing requirements and relevant regulations

Having numerous IPOs completed, we’re well-equipped to support your internal team in complying with market offering requirements and navigating the steps to going public.

Financing Support

Companies in various stages of growth seek financing from private equity and institutional sources to better leverage their market capabilities and realize higher returns.
Investors require detailed financial information on which to base their funding decision – often requiring complex reports on the organization’s financial health and future outlook.

Our team works with you to identify:
  • Key metrics that are relevant for investors
  • Evaluating the company’s current results and future prospects
  • Ultimately dealing with investors to satisfy due diligence and reporting requirements

Transaction Advisory

Our objective is to minimize risk associated with complex and intricate transactions. Businesses often:
  • Restructure to attain a tax-efficient organizational structure
  • Acquire other businesses to achieve long and short-term objectives
  • Sell off parts to facilitate estate planning or transferring of ownership to new stakeholders

We’re here to support corporate transactions from an accounting and finance perspective.

Working with your accounting team, we ensure that:
  • You have a clear picture of the plan
  • Informed through every stage of the process
  • Have reliable financial information prior to and after completion of the transaction
  • The plan is executed as intended

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Effective and efficient analysis through our experienced professionals can help you understand the impact on your company.

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The concept of assurance boils down to having a third-party examine your company’s books and records for the purpose of verifying the information to various degrees.

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A critical part of our value proposition is supporting your business through periods of growth.

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