Our valuations practice provides specialized assessments of business entities, tangible and intangible assets, loss quantifications, and various expert reports to meet various financial, legal, and strategic needs. Utilizing advanced analytical tools and sector-specific expertise, we offer precise, objective valuations for transactions, capital raising, and regulatory compliance. Our multidisciplinary team ensures robust, reliable results tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Investment Entity Review Reports

In-depth assessments of investment structures, performance metrics, and governance. These reports are tailored for institutional investors, fund managers, or regulatory agencies to facilitate sound investment decisions.

Valuation Reports

A formal and independent financial report detailing the fair market value of a business or asset. This service is integral for transactions, securitization, estate planning, and litigation. Methodologies applied meet rigorous professional standards to ensure accuracy and credibility.

Expert Reports

Specialized reports prepared to be presented in legal contexts, such as court proceedings or arbitration. These reports adhere to high standards of objectivity and provide defensible, expert opinions on valuations or financial matters.

Limited Critiques

A focused evaluation of existing valuation reports or financial models, intended to identify limitations or potential errors. This service is crucial for clients seeking a second opinion or validation of their current valuations.

Fairness Opinions

An impartial analysis designed to evaluate the fairness of a proposed financial transaction, typically for shareholders or boards of directors. The objective is to confirm that the transaction serves the stakeholders’ interests from a financial standpoint.

Advisory Reports

Customized reports aimed at providing strategic insights on asset optimization, business restructuring, and mergers or acquisitions. These reports employ sophisticated financial modeling and data analysis to guide decision-making.

Other Services

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    Friendly, knowledgeable and highly responsive, the K&P CPAs team has been a huge asset to our growing company since day one. They've taken the time to understand our business and they're happy to guide us through any question or challenge we have. Thank you K&P CPAs

    Sparked Digital Inc.

    K&P CPAs has been instrumental in supporting us through in our quest for capital. They assisted with an IFRS transition, and continue to ensure that we stay compliant with our investor reporting and tax obligations. They are always available on a moment’s notice to respond to issues as they arise.

    Baron Auto Group

    We consulted with K&P CPAs, anticipating major changes in accounting processes, they have been there every step of the way to help us convert systems, improve payroll reporting and designed internal controls. Thank you K&P CPAs for your work and dedication

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