Effective and efficient analysis through our experienced professionals can help you understand the impact on your company. We are able to assist you with the impact of future tax changes or issues that may arise, in a manner that is tax-efficient and maximizes wealth to stakeholders.

Our goal is to ensure our corporate tax clients stay compliant with the Income Tax Act and file their required returns within the prescribed timelines. We work with your team to ensure that you get the best overview of your tax position and that your questions get answered promptly and accurately.

Corporate Taxation​

Business owners face a multitude of challenges when managing hard-earned profits, including: investing within your company, structuring compensation arrangements, or managing taxes payable. The legislative environment brings about new and unique challenges of complying with existing laws and regulations. Preparing your corporate tax returns becomes more complicated and time-consuming with business owners facing increased uncertainty as to whether everything is being done with respect to following the rules of the law.

Personal Taxation​

When it comes to assessing your personal taxes – the goal is simple, to maximize the available after-tax wealth for you, your family and your estate. A comprehensive approach involving an analysis potential personal scenarios and incorporating current and future tax legislation is critical in achieving those objectives. Our advisors are able to assist you through all aspects of personal taxation, including preparation of your personal tax returns, information returns, electives, calculating current and future tax liabilities and projected installment payments.

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    Friendly, knowledgeable and highly responsive, the K&P CPAs team has been a huge asset to our growing company since day one. They've taken the time to understand our business and they're happy to guide us through any question or challenge we have. Thank you K&P CPAs

    Sparked Digital Inc.

    K&P CPAs has been instrumental in supporting us through in our quest for capital. They assisted with an IFRS transition, and continue to ensure that we stay compliant with our investor reporting and tax obligations. They are always available on a moment’s notice to respond to issues as they arise.

    Baron Auto Group

    We consulted with K&P CPAs, anticipating major changes in accounting processes, they have been there every step of the way to help us convert systems, improve payroll reporting and designed internal controls. Thank you K&P CPAs for your work and dedication

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