Informational purposes only

The guide provided herein (“Guide”) serves solely for informational purposes and should not be construed as comprehensive tax or financial advice. It is a general overview aimed at familiarizing you with certain aspects of the new tax law. Given the intricate complexities that characterize tax regulations, this Guide is not exhaustive and may not cover every applicable tax provision or exception.

Accuracy and timeliness

While we have exercised diligent care in compiling this Guide, the volatile nature of tax laws, rules, and regulations means that they are subject to change, often with little notice. Consequently, Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation cannot warrant the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained in this Guide. As such, it is imperative to consult up-to-date resources or qualified tax professionals for the most current guidance.

Personalized consultation

We strongly recommend engaging with personal tax advisors to gain advice tailored specifically to your unique circumstances. Tax law can vary based on numerous factors, including jurisdiction, entity type, and individual financial situations. Reliance upon the general information in this Guide without seeking personalized consultation may result in unexpected tax liabilities or missed optimization opportunities, for which Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation will bear no responsibility.

No liability for errors or omissions

Although every effort has been made to verify the information contained herein, errors or omissions may exist. Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation explicitly disclaims any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages or losses incurred by any party as a result of their use of, or reliance on, this Guide. This extends to errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies, whether typographical or substantive in nature.

Regulatory authority disagreement

It’s worth noting that regulatory authorities may not concur with the interpretations or recommendations presented in this Guide. The Guide is not designed to serve as a defense in the event of a disagreement or audit by a tax authority. Users should be aware that each tax authority possesses its own set of guidelines, interpretations, and policies, which may differ from the information contained in this Guide. Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation will not be held liable for any actions taken by a regulatory authority that are contrary to the guidance provided herein.

No Accountant-Client Relationship

The provision of this Guide does not constitute the establishment of an accountant-client relationship between the user and Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation. For the rendering of professional tax advice, a formal engagement with Kostioutchenko and Patel, CPAs, Professional Corporation — involving a mutual agreement on the scope of work and related fees — is prerequisite.