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Effective and efficient analysis through our experienced professionals can help you understand the impact on your company. We are able to assist you with the impact of future tax changes or issues that may arise, in a manner that is tax-efficient and maximizes wealth to stakeholders. The bread-and-butter of our work is to ensure our corporate tax clients stay compliant with the Income Tax Act and file their required returns within the prescribed timelines…


The concept of assurance boils down to having a third-party examine your company’s books and records for the purpose of verifying the information to various degrees. There are three levels of assurance, starting with the most-basic (i.e. compilation or Notice to Reader), and leading up to the most-accurate (i.e. audit)…


Our advisory practice offers a broad spectrum of solutions tailored to enhance business performance, financial management, and operational efficiency. Leveraging a multidisciplinary approach and industry expertise, we provide insights and strategic guidance in areas such as financial reporting, risk management, and business process optimization. Our professionals collaborate with clients to identify opportunities for growth, mitigate risks, and achieve sustainable success.


Our valuations practice provides specialized assessments of business entities, tangible and intangible assets, loss quantifications, and various expert reports to meet various financial, legal, and strategic needs. Utilizing advanced analytical tools and sector-specific expertise, we offer precise, objective valuations for transactions, capital raising, and regulatory compliance. Our multidisciplinary team ensures robust, reliable results tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.


Our forensics practice specializes in financial investigations, fraud detection, and litigation support to address complex financial disputes and irregularities. Employing cutting-edge data analytics and a deep understanding of accounting principles, we offer comprehensive solutions for fraud prevention, asset recovery, and financial due diligence. Our seasoned team of experts collaborates with legal advisors to produce evidence that is both compelling and defensible in a court of law.

Who We Are

We arrive equipped with a refined expertise in all aspects of finance. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in tackling challenges and dedicated to ensuring the continuous growth of your business.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality accounting and financial services while maintaining the utmost level of integrity, professionalism, and trust. We aim to empower individuals and businesses to make informed financial decisions, navigate complex financial landscapes, and achieve their financial goals.

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Comprises mainly of analytical review and inquiry. Performed for investors, lenders or acquirers.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Friendly, knowledgeable and highly responsive, the K&P CPAs team has been a huge asset to our growing company since day one. They've taken the time to understand our business and they're happy to guide us through any question or challenge we have. Thank you K&P CPAs

Sparked Digital Inc.

K&P CPAs has been instrumental in supporting us through in our quest for capital. They assisted with an IFRS transition, and continue to ensure that we stay compliant with our investor reporting and tax obligations. They are always available on a moment’s notice to respond to issues as they arise.

Baron Auto Group

We consulted with K&P CPAs, anticipating major changes in accounting processes, they have been there every step of the way to help us convert systems, improve payroll reporting and designed internal controls. Thank you K&P CPAs for your work and dedication

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